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  1. Zamila Karimi
    McGill Architecture
    I am a post graduate student at McGill Architecture.
    My research is looking at public space and its transformation through the occupy movement and student. I am recreating the narrative of the occupation and how it transformed the square over the course of its occupation. What were some of the functions established in the encampment, how it became a commune temporarily and finally what role can architects and urbanists play as they design public spaces - social and spatial justice for all.
    Sitting through your paper I was intrigued by the way you deciphered the the movement through its visual content/imagery and its impact on housing crisis.
    I would love meet with you and interview you about how you see public protests/occupy to work towards social change.
    Please let me know if that's possible. Look forward to connecting with you soon.
    If you have any friends or colleague that I can reach out to please let me know as I am trying to get as much first hand information that I can collect to enrich my research.
    Many Thanks.

    Best regards
    Zamila Karimi
    CMT Arch
    438 931-5300